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May 3rd, 2018

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May 4th, 2018


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#Hamontville:  Portraits of a City of Friends by George Qua-Enoo is a photography project showcasing the spirit of closeness that connects the people and communities of Hamilton, a spirit of closeness that makes us more than a collection of citizens. Hamilton a city of friends and even as we grow so to does the spirit of friendship that connects us. #Hamontville: Portraits of a City of Friends showcases the faces of this close-knit and welcoming community. The name  #Hamontville was inspired by Hamilton’s social media hashtag #hamont. 

When I immigrated to Canada 14 years ago, I didn't know anyone in this country except for one person. I am an outgoing person, but I was new to a unfamiliar country and there was no denying that I was one person away from absolute loneliness. I bounced around a bit, but soon enough I settled in Hamilton. Hamilton is the only city I have lived in for more than 5 years since immigrating. While I made friends no matter where I landed, Hamilton is where I felt the true embrace of community. Hamilton celebrated me, my creative endeavors, and my deep love of expanding my family of friends. 


#Hamontville: Portraits of a City of Friends showcases Hamiltonians who are part of the ever-widening family of friends who have enriched my life - people from all walks of life, every corner of the city, each neighbourhood that, like hands in an embrace, form a great civic family. 


Central to the project's importance is the spotlight on our creation of a lively culture brought to life in large part by a celebration of diversity. 


I photographed subjects in a studio setting to capture unique personalities in portraiture. They came as they are, asked to simply be themselves, to dress and present themselves as honestly as they're able. Photographed against the same seamless backdrop, only lighting was utilized differently from one shoot to the next in an effort to reflect each subject's mood, personality, and features. 


All the pictures will be professionally printed and framed for public exhibition, where the faces of the community look back out at us, reflections of Hamilton as individuals and as many, as unique people and as friends welcoming of new friends. Names, professions, and brief details of how these people expanded our city of friendship will be included. The names of mutual friends of the portrait subjects and the photographer will be included in the detail.

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