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Private View

September 5th 2017

Open to the Public

September 5th - October 31st 2017

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Following successful exhibitions in Europe and the Far East; these exclusive pictures make their way across the ocean for their North American debut exhibiting at Redchurch Café + Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario on Tuesday 5th of September 2017.


For the first time fans of Oasis and the 90s music scene, where British bands took over the world, can see rare and exclusive images of the journey that concluded in a global movement and attitude, along with the world’s largest rock n’ roll band.


Sons of the Stage: Oasis and other Supernovas is a collection of photographs by James Fry that is "all about the journey and not the destination".


Everyone featured in the exhibition would go on to become something else, go to another place, things would never be the same again and the pictures capture a significant moment on that journey.


A breath of images from a wide selection of bands from that period are on show, some of these people are friends of the photographer, while others he was just lucky to work with, but everybody included was at that point in time when ‘absolutely everything’ seemed possible and ‘anything’ was about to happen.


James Fry states: “Looking back now at the pictures, I love the fact that everyone has their own outlook, agenda and style, experimenting with the clothes they wear and the way they stand and project themselves. They were all on a launch-pad, getting ready to imprint themselves on the wider world.”


World of Twist’s Sons of the Stage was an indie/club hit in Toronto and New York. Oasis even considered naming themselves after the song and it was later covered by Liam Gallagher’s successor group Beady Eye, as a B-side to their debut single, “Bring the Light”.


The photographer continues: “Some would go further than others reaching a greater audience and even becoming household names, others, like supernovas, would burn bright and burn out all too early, but all these pictures reflect a time and place where we have all been, when we were absolute beginners and true ‘Sons of the Stage’.


Fry maintains that he and his friends are all products of prosaic Manchester suburbs “where the magnetic obsession with pop music began to ignite the bored teenage imagination … where the real action started for me, and I hope it continues within the imagination of the 21st century citizens of Hamilton Ontario in 2017.”

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